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The Field Radio Podcast is dedicated to exploring the amateur radio hobby through the lens of getting you and your gear outdoors.
Your host, John W7DBO, will explore what gear works best, how to deploy in the field, and most importantly how to have fun!
The podcast will also explore what you can do with your gear once deployed; Including emergency communications, contesting, event support, and of course Field Day.
Hope you join us on this adventure as we take Ham Radio outdoors! 73

Mar 23, 2018

Greg Lane N4KGL joins us on the show to give an introduction to the Rapid Deployment Amateur Radio (RaDAR) Challenge.  The goal of Rapid Deployment Amateur Radio (RaDAR) is to practice communication via amateur radio under difficult circumstances, in many different ways, being ever ready, and independent of...

Mar 6, 2018

Our guest this week is George Dewar VY2GF of Prince Edward Island. His passion, along with Bernie Cormier VE9BGC, is activating lighthouses and is part of the Maritime Lighthouse Amateur Radio Group. It was a pleasure speaking with George and hearing about Lighthouses On The Air, he gives us information on how they...